Chairman's Message

Chairman’s Address Season 2018-19

It was a fairly successful season, if slightly disappointing, last year; finishing 5th in East Central Division 2. We again look forward to the new season with still very much a young team. I’m writing this in August when, to be honest, the exact make up of our Senior squad is still not known with a number of players not shown for training and some trying out at other teams.

The Athletic only managed to play 4 games last season and consequently, despite the coaches’ optimism, I feel it is going to be a tough ask to get them up and running this year. However, for the 6th season, I’m pleased to say that we continue to run 2 Youth teams.

This season we also hope to run a Vets team, managed by Christian Thomas and coached by Jason Price and James Daniel and I wish them all success in this venture.

Again, this season we are coached by Luke ‘DJ’ Thomas and Chris ‘Trigger’ Jones. The coaches will again be assisted by the Daz and ‘the apprentice’ Colin ‘Bopsy’ Davies, who has taken over the baton from Club stalwart, Peter Williams. Peter has decided to ‘retire’ and apparently looks forward to sitting in the stand, as a spectator this year! I think it would be remiss of me not to thank Peter on behalf of the Club for all his years of service and wish him a long, healthy and happy retirement. Jess is still our bag lady, by which I mean on the first aid for the 1st XV.

This season, as for all seasons, the strength of the Club depends on the overall structure, with the Athletic, Youth and Mini & Junior teams being an integral and invaluable part of any success the Club may achieve. Especially the M&Js section who continue to bring through the players to enable us to run 2 Youth Teams. In addition, I’m also delighted to say that we again provided girl’s rugby during the summer through The Timbers teams at U9, U11, U13 and U15 age groups. In addition, it is hoped to restart a Ladies Team, playing a few friendlies.

So, as you can see, there is a rugby opportunity for everyone and we’re always looking for volunteers, if your playing days are over!

Finally, I’d like to say that the most important part of any Club is its members, whether they are players, volunteers or supporters; to them a big Thank You.

As always can I welcome away supporters, old or new, to Aberdare and hope that you will join us at the Clubhouse after the game.

Pob Hwyl!

Bill Pritchard

Chairman Aberdare R.F.C.