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Official WRU League Table
Principality Youth Leagues 2017 - 2018
Club Played Points
Rumney RFC 15 66
Pontypridd RFC 13 57
Mountain Ash RFC 11 36
Aberdare RFC 14 30
Merthyr RFC 13 26
Cardiff Met RFC 13 26
Cowbridge RFC 8 18
Cardiff University RFC 9 15
St Peters RFC 12 0
16/08/2018 17:33
Chairman’s Address Season 2018-19

Chairman’s Address Season 2018-19 It was a fairly successful season, if slightly disappointing, last year; finishing 5th in East Central Division 2. We again look forward to the new season with still very much a young team. I’m writing this in August when, to be honest, the exact make up of our Senior squad is still not known with a number of players not shown for training and some trying out at other teams. The Athletic only managed to play 4 games last season and consequently, despite the coaches’ optimism, I feel it is going to be a tough ask to get them up and running this year. Howeve.....


Aberdare Rugby Club @Aberdare_RFC
08/08/2018 13:44:18


Aberdare Rugby Club @Aberdare_RFC
08/08/2018 13:43:53


Aberdare Rugby Club @Aberdare_RFC
08/08/2018 13:43:03


Aberdare Rugby Club @Aberdare_RFC
05/08/2018 13:09:05
✨WONGA DRAW 5/8/18✨ 6 11 19 21 CONGRATULATIONS TO BEV MORRIS WINING £6340!🎉🥂 https://t.co/KRwKMRwhkZ